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NoCo Math Buddies!

NoCo Math Buddies is a free lively math circle for kids in the Northern Colorado area. Currently we are serving young elementary age kids (down to 4 years old) but are looking to expand if there is enough interest!

The math circle meets on Saturdays, and alternates meeting on Zoom and on the campus of Colorado State University in Fort Collins. In the warm months we meet outdoors! Here are a couple of photos from recent math buddies sessions:

For registration for the Winter 2024 session (January/February, 2024), sign up here:

Math Buddies Winter 2024 Registration

The tentative list of topics and dates for Winter 2024 is:

For registration for the Spring 2024 session (March-May, 2024), sign up here:

Math Buddies Spring 2024 Registration

For more information and to get on the mailing list, fill out the general mailing list registration form below:

Math Buddies Mailing List Signup Form!

If you have questions about NoCo Math Buddies, please email Maria [dot] Gillespie [at] colostate [dot] edu.

Safety and Accessibility

This math circle is fully disability-inclusive, which includes alternating between zoom and in-person sessions, as well as covid safety and other accessibility measures being taken at the event. Everyone is welcome at Math Buddies whether or not they themselves have an accessibility need, but participants will be expected to adhere to accessibility measures such as wearing masks while participating, to be fully inclusive of our most at-risk members.

Meet the Director

Dr. Maria Gillespie is a tenure-track mathematics professor at CSU who has been involved with countless math circles and math competition training, ever since she was a regular math circle attendee and “mathlete” herself. Dr. Gillespie has served as a coach at the Math Olympiad Summer Program where the US IMO team trains, was the head coach of the US team for the China Girls’ Math Olympiad in the past, and has volunteered in countless kids’ math circles, such as Girls’ Angle and the Stanford Math Circle over the years. Dr. Gillespie continues her passion for extracurricular math coaching through the CSU Putnam team and through writing problems for the USA(J)MO.

Dr. Gillespie also has seen the need throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including currently, for covid-safe and disability-inclusive activities. She is now passionate about bringing her expertise and skills to benefit the disability community and their allies.