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Maria Monks Gillespie
Colorado State University

“If we have no idea why a statement is true, we can still prove it by induction.” –Gian-Carlo Rota

About Me

I am currently an Assistant Professor in Mathematics at Colorado State University. I received my Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, advised by Mark Haiman, who in turn studied with Rota (quoted above). I also previously studied as an NSF and Krener Postdoctoral Fellow with Anne Schilling at UC Davis.

My current interests lie in algebraic combinatorics, specifically focusing on symmetric function theory and its connections with geometry and representation theory. I am particularly interested in Schubert calculus, crystal base theory, and Macdonald polynomials. I have recently started branching in the moduli of curves direction as well, which is a rich and active field of algebraic geometry with much work to be done combinatorially.

As an illustration of my area of research, as well as a directory for this website, the menu at the upper left is a Young tableau. Feel free to conjugate it any time you wish. Included in the Young tableau menu is the CSU Putnam club website, my math blog, and the home page for the Open Educational Resources project on combinatorics materials that I am involved in.

Contact Info

Maria Gillespie
Maria [dot] Gillespie [at] colostate [dot] edu